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2017-05-01 12:34:14
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The Muscadine is an AmazinGrape! Get Healthy-Stay Healthy. Backed by hundreds of research papers, from prestigious Universities and Government agencies, most written since 2003. Muscadine Grape seed and skin contains more Vital Nutrients (Phenolic Compounds) and Powerful Antioxidants (researchers say hundreds) in one place, than any other fruit or vegetable in the world! AmazinGrape! Doctors say, “Your body can tell the difference!” The Muscadine Grape has 20 pairs of Chromosomes. All bunch grapes, table grapes, and wine grapes have only 19 pairs. The Muscadine has more than 44 times as much Resveratrol (anti-aging) as red wine (vinefera) grapes naturally, and the highest ORAC rating in testing by Brunswick Laboratories. Check it out today try it for yourself and see how amazing it is!!!

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